Hot-off-the-Oven Menu for Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria takes its kitchen game plan a notch higher as they broach of their new variants of mouthwatering pizzas, appetizer, and lunch meal in their delectable Italian-American inspired menu.

In their bandwagon of pizzas, Joey Pepperoni introduces its latest series of the Double Tops Pizza made of freshly-made dough, that boasts of thin crust, fresh toppings, and flavorsome sauces. 

First in line is the Taco Pizza that is a Mexican-inspired Double Tops which brings in an awesome jumble of taco seasoned pizza overloaded with mozzarella, beef toppings, tomatoes, white onion, and cheddar cheese.

Next in their Double Tops Pizza series is the Mushroom Alfredo, a hearty pan of pizza smothered with béchamel sauce, topped with mozzarella, ham, garlic, mushroom, red onions, and toasted bacon bits.

Crafting more delights, Joey Pepperoni also came up with its version of the irresistible yummy Beefy Mushroom to complete their Double Tops pizza trio—a bed of mushroom pizza with mozzarella, cheddar, toasted bacon bits, and white onion, which gives this heaven-on-a-pan a succinctly piquant taste.

Alongside the Double Tops pizza trio is the new attraction in their must-eat menu of pizzas: A sumptuous surprise of its 3-cheese and Mushroom pizza—a succulent combination of three-cheese namely, mozzarella, white cheese, and cheddar, mixed with Béchamel, anchovies, mushroom, and caramelized onion.

Startling starters

Joey Pepperoni also gives equal glamour to their appetizers. Its latest addition to the starters menu is the Shrimp Fresh Salad, a healthy yet rewarding plate of Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed with honey mustard dressing, topped with an enticing medley of scrumptious shrimps, croutons, and parmesan cheese.

For snacks, Joey Pepperoni designed its version of the famous comfort food known as the Baked Cheesy Fries—a plate of rusette fries smothered with their house special meat sauce and deluged with chilli flakes, white onion, cheddar, and cheese sauce.

And no menu can be ever complete without the all-time Filipino favourite and staple food—rice meal! For this, Joey Pepperoni serves Barbecue Chicken Wings, a plateful of deep fried chicken wings tossed with Joey Pepperoni’s very own special barbecue blend, a meal that will surely make you crave for more.

Indeed, with the every taste and bite of all these gastronomic inventions, a mere remark of Delicioso may just be an understatement.


Joey Pepperoni & Beer Belly for Wings' 35th Birthday

We celebrated my brother-in-law Wings Soriano's 35th birthday last December...the way most adult celebrations go (on a regular weekday)...with dinner, and then some music and light drinking.


Joey Gets A Makeover

In my next lifetime, I'd like to be an Italian. Just thinking about the country, the rich culture, the history, the language makes me swoon. And, of course, I've already stated one too many times that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Italian food!


Joey Gets A Makeover

Our favorite mafia-themed pizzeria gets a face lift!
After years of serving the same (but still great!) menu in their dark mysterious interiors, Joey Pepperoni decided to lighten things a bit for a change. Now leaning to a more casual dining experience, the restaurant look becomes more welcoming! Much like being in an auth. pizzeria in Italy or something. Not that I've been there, feeling ko lang, hehe.


Something Savory and New in Joey Pepperoni

Topping the list of my comfort food is definitely pizza. I love the combination of carbo I get from the pizza crust and all the goodness of my favorite toppings. That’s why when we got invited to Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria’s Bloggers Taste Test in  RFM Corporate Center in Pioneer Street to try the new items on their menu, Ken and I were both excited and were looking forward to adding them to our list of pizza places we’d be frequenting.


Check out Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria in Pioneer, Mandaluyong

When we talk about Italian dishes it always comes to mind that it is expensive but deep inside most of us craves and loves eating pizza and pasta as we enjoy the warm ambiance that an Italian restaurant offer. Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria a restaurant located in the RFM Corporate Center in Mandaluyong offers an Italian-American cuisine that everyone will enjoy because aside from the great food they offer is that it is very affordable. The RFM Corporate Center branch is the pioneer restaurant of Joey Pepperoni, it was opened in December 2005, and not it has more that 24 branches nationwide.


Joey Pepperoni
I have heard of Joey Pepperoni before, but I was only able to have the opportunity to try its food last week.  The place exudes New York casualness.  But, of course, food is Italian-American.  I expected something more like the common mall pizzas I encounter but I was definitely proven wrong.
Joey Pepperoni offers a variety of pizzas (see Joey Pepperoni’s menu) but I tend to like the simpler flavors.  Pepperoni and mushroom pizza does not disappoint.  And good news for those who want to try Joey Pepperoni pizzas for the first time, there’s an ongoing promo of getting 2 8″ pizzas for only P199.  The two pizza flavors available for this promo are pepperoni mushroom and beef and onion.  I suggest that you try getting the pepperoni and mushroom one.


Joey Pepperoni Pizzaria: How Pizza Pasta should be!
Joey Pepperoni Pizzaria is a casual restaurant that specializes in its distinctive take on contemporary Italian-American cuisine.
Dinning in at Joey Pepperoni is a sure satisfaction to those who crave enduring delights such as pasta – at affordable prices, to boot. In short, Joey Pepperoni offers a premium dining experience at non-premium cost.
Leading the resto’s offering is its Fresh Dough, Tin Crust Pizza, which comes in delectable options and Premio Pizze choices. Carbonara is my personal favorite among their variety of sumptuous Pasta and Premio Pasta offering – it’s a must try.